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"Hello Vino" wine app gets help from Constellation Brands | Business

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"Hello Vino" wine app gets help from Constellation Brands
"Hello Vino" wine app gets help from Constellation Brands

Need to find that perfect bottle of wine for your holiday party? Now there’s an app for that and it’s called Hello Vino.

The app has been available for some time but now, Constellation Brands is adding a new feature to it.

The app is available on any smartphone, iPhone and Droid and it guides wine shoppers to the bottle that is best for them, based on what they want it for.

Now, Constellation Brands is taking it another step forward.

For example, say you want a bottle of red wine to get for a date, the app will help guide you to the one that meets not only your taste preference, but your budget as well. But thanks to Constellation, the app will soon have the ability to provide wine recommendations based on what store you're shopping in.

So if you're at Marketview Liquor in Henrietta and you want a white wine that pairs well with your dinner, the app will help you find the wine you want, based on what wines are available at Marketview. However, the idea of using technology to help please your palate doesn't please everyone.

Tom VanGorder of Marketview Liquor said, “(It’s) A huge part of the way our customers shop and again it's one of those things that's on the go and you can use it wherever you are.”

Shopper Robert Foltz said, “For me, I like the personal feel. I like to ask the staff to help and guide me to what's good.”

Monica Dewitt said, “I really like it because I could definitely use it if I needed a wine for a certain occasion or just having people at my house and want to have a variety of things for the food that I’m offering.”

Constellation Brands released a statement today saying, “The Hello Vino platform allows us to execute a measurable turnkey program which will help consumers make better informed wine purchase decisions, resulting in a better wine-buying experience. "

Right now leaders from Constellation are in California working to make this new feature of Hello Vino available as soon as possible. They have not set an official launch day yet for New York. Constellation officials say this partnership is a great way to promote their brands and our local wine stores.

While the one gentleman who spoke with News 10NBC said he still prefers working one-on-one with salespeople, a 2010 survey found that 73-percent of shoppers favor their smartphones for assistance as compared to 15-percent who favor personal interaction.

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