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Canandaigua boat launch reopens Tuesday | Business

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Canandaigua boat launch reopens Tuesday
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	Canandaigua boat launch reopens Tuesday

Planning on heading out on Canandaigua Lake this holiday weekend -- there is some good news. The new boat launch on the north side of the lake has reopened.

After months of construction and delays, it opened up for boaters Tuesday. Boaters didn’t waste any time making use of the newly remodeled launch.

Boaters won’t have to travel to the south side of the lake to launch their boats anymore. More people will be able to take advantage of the lake meaning they will spend time and money in the City of Canandaigua.

Trevor Harvey said, “I think it’s great that it’s new and everything like that. It will probably increase the business on the lake which is good, I think, for local business.”

Harvey lives on Canandaigua Lake and takes his boat out almost everyday. He says the new launch at Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park will be extremely helpful for those who need to launch their boat each time they want to go out on the water. 

Harvey said, “The public coming in -- they’d have to drive all the way down to Naples, or almost to the southern end of the lake to get into the lake. And then the gas prices, driving up the north end, you can only imagine how difficult that is.”

Tom Reed, a fisherman from Victor, was one of those people. He was using the launch Tuesday. 

Amanda Ciavarri said, “When this wasn’t open how did you get in the water?”
Reed said, “We didn’t. There was no way out unless you went all the way to the south end.”

Reed agrees this launch will be good for the City of Canandaigua and is glad he once again has easy access to the water. 

Reed said, “We missed spring fishing season. For the pleasure boaters, it's not a big issue, but a lot of fishermen spend a lot of money in the town here. They go to lunch and so on and so forth and a lot of people come from out of town stay at the various hotels.”

Steve, a hot dog vendor, sells to customers along the city pier and says this opening is perfect just in time for Memorial Day.

Steve said, “The restaurants are packed, this pier will be packed. The beach over there will open up on Saturday and with the weather the way it is, there will be seven or eight hundred people there a day.”

For boaters who want to get out there this weekend, there is a fee, according to the New York State Parks website; it will be $7.00 to launch at the site.

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