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Volunteer sports coach arrested for criminal sex act | Crime

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Volunteer sports coach arrested for criminal sex act
Volunteer sports coach arrested for criminal sex act

A youth sports and fire department volunteer is accused of sex crime against a young boy.

Police say they believe 37-year-old Leslie Hoke has been sexually abusing boys and men for more than a decade. State Police say Hoke would use his position as a volunteer coach for local schools and fire departments to get close to teenage boys and then lure them back to his home. 

Hoke is charged with a sex crime against one 12-year-old child. Police hope and fear that more victims will come forward. State Police say Hoke used his position as a volunteer to get close to younger boys and take them home. 

NY State Police Captain Scott Crosier said, “Whether it was sometime marijuana use, sometimes alcohol use, and he would use that as a segway into a relationship with them." 

Hoke lives at an apartment complex just outside the city of Canandaigua. News10NBC knocked on his door but no one answered. News10NBC broke the news to neighbors. It finally let Tim Hanley make sense of what he saw Wednesday. 

Neighbor Tim Hanley said, “Just a lot of commotion in the area, across from my building. It looked like they were searching for somebody." 

Hanley doesn’t remember meeting Leslie Hoke, but he’s upset by what he knows about him. 

Hanley said, "It's unbelievable because I have two kids of my own, just really alarming to hear that." 

Hoke volunteered at the Canandaigua Fire Department. The city says he had limited contact with younger boys and that the chief dismissed him because he didn’t meet their training requirements. Police believe Hoke has been doing this for 13 years. Finally, a child told their parents and those parents called police.

Capt. Scott Crosier said, "There are a number of factors that would prohibit them from coming to their parents or certainly the authorities about it. In this case the parents did the right thing." 

Hoke is in jail. He is back in city court Friday morning. Police say Hoke is a truck driver, but they wouldn’t say for whom. Police did say the victims they’ve identified are all between 8 and 18 years-old.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Investigator Chris Burns at 398-4100.

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