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Update: Child dies in jet ski accident, sheriff calls it a "tragic accidental crash" | News

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Update: Child dies in jet ski accident, sheriff calls it a "tragic accidental crash"
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Update: Child dies in jet ski accident, sheriff calls it a "tragic accidental crash"

Ontario County Sheriff's Deputies say a 3-year-old boy has died from his injuries after a jet ski crash on Canandaigua Lake Wednesday .

Sheriff Phil Povero says his investigators do not know why the jet ski accelerated the way it did. What he does want people to know is that his investigators did not find any evidence of alcohol or medication use by Samuel's mother Kerry Pierson.

The sheriff says this is simply a tragic accident.

"We're still unclear as to why this occurred," Sheriff Povero said. "But we're pretty confident at this point that there's no evidence of reckless operation nor any evidence of any involvement of prescription meds or alcoholic beverages."

It happened here along Thorndale Beach Road, a private road for about two dozen cottages along the east side of Canandaigua Lake. Witnesses tell us that Kerry Pierson was riding a jet ski with son Samuel.

They were invited into the dock area to say hello to people they knew. For some reason -- as the jet ski entered the dock area, the engine revved and the machine ran into the break wall.

 These pictures show some of the damaged jet ski left on one of the docks and the break wall that the jet ski hit. The impact against the wall was such that the red paint of the jet ski stained the concrete wall.
Bill Payne lives in one of the cottages near where the jet ski crashed. Here is his account of what he heard and saw.

"The skidoo come up by their house and (his cottage neighbors) were talking from the water to the people on the skidoo. All of a sudden this horrendous roar, I mean you know it was coming, I mean you could tell it was the skidoo but it just came barreling right straight down through, it was like it never tried to stop. It was just moving amazingly fast. And then I heard the bang where it hit the wall and I saw the lady actually flip, she went right over. She did like a flip in the air. and she came back down on the ground."

Payne says he did not see Samuel on the jet ski. He says there were several people swimming in the shallow water near where the jet ski crashed.

"It was horrendous because I knew they were in the water and they were with their grandchildren and they were playing right in that area and it was just, all I could think of was the number of people that could have been hurt," Payne said.

Deputies say the two suffered serious injuries in the crash. Both were flown by Mercy Flight to Strong Memorial Hospital. The 3-year-old boy died late Wednesday night of his injuries while at Strong Memorial Hospital.

As last check, Pierson was in guarded condition.

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