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iPads in 1st grade in Canandaigua? | News

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iPads in 1st grade in Canandaigua?
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iPads in 1st grade in Canandaigua?

A first grade teacher in Canandaigua is trying to set an example about the benefits of using the newest technology in the classroom.

His students use iPads, iPods and laptops for educational purposes on a daily basis. He says he's seen a big difference in how his students learn with the technology and he's hoping to share his success stories with other teachers from across the country.

Richard Colosi says he's always been interested in technology. So when he first came to Canandaigua to teach five years ago, he applied for and won some contests to help bring the latest and greatest gadgets into his classroom.

He says he's already seen the benefits of it. “Just with the way students are today -- they've grown up immersed in technology and their interested in it. And anytime you can get a student's interest, it just helps them learn better. “

Colosi put together his own video of his students using this technique, which he calls the other three R’s -- reread, record, reflect.

He's going to show the video at an apple leadership symposium in Boston next month. “It gives other educators ideas of how they can integrate technology and it kind of gets the gears going in their own heads about how they can make it applicable in their own classrooms.”

Colosi says it's a really exciting time to be a teacher right now and he hopes a lot of other teachers jump on the technology bandwagon.

If you'd like to see the video Colosi made of his class, click here.

News, Technology

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